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City Ordinances

Rules and Definitions

-Owner: any person owning, feeding, keeping, maintaining or 
harboring a dog or cat. Harboring shall include knowingly allowing
 a dog or cat to remain on the owner's premises.

- Running at Large: not under the direct physical control of the
 owner or handler by leash, cord, chair or similar direct physical control

City Ordinance

Every owner of a dog and any person having charge, care, custody
 or control of any dog shall restrain such dog from running at larg
e (' Code, 3-3-2). 

Employees of the city, as designated by the City Manager, are
 hereby authorized and empowered to enter upon any land, premises
 or public place and to take up and impound any dog which is observed
 by such employee to be running at large.

Austin Leash-Free Areas 

There are 11 leash-free areas in Austin for you to enjoy with your dog. When not in these specified areas, the Austin leash ordinance requires dogs to be on a leash no longer than 6 feet on all City land. Maximum fine: $500

Scoop the Poop: Dogs for the Environment reminds you to pick up after your pets. It helps keep parks clean and improves water quality in Austin's creeks. There are Mutt Mitt boxes filled with plastic gloves for picking up and disposing of pet waste in many locations throughout the City for your convenience.

Leash Free Areas  

Park Name                     Address                     Area of Park            
Auditorium Shores 920 W. Riverside Dr. from South First to Bouldin Avenue   

Bull Creek District Park 6701 Lakewood Dr. area of the park behind the restrooms (100 yards in length) all the way to the creek  
Emma Long Metropolitan Park 1600 City Park Rd. between City Park Dr, the west park boundary fence, Turkey Creek and the top ridge of the bluff line overlooking Lake Austin  
Far West - Far West  right of way between Great Northern Boulevard and Shoal Creek Boulevard 
Shoal Creek Greenbelt 2600-2799 Lamar Blvd. between 24 and 29th St 

Northeast District Park 5909 Crystalbrook Dr. between Crystal Brook Drive, the railroad right of way and Decker Lake Road  
Norwood Estate IH5 at Riverside Dr on the north end of Travis Heights at the northwest corner of Riverside Drive and IH-35 (fenced in) 

Red Bud Isle 3401 Red Bud Trail Unit Cr. whole park  
Onion Creek District Park 6900 Onion Creek Dr. located at the Norside end of the greenbelt  
Walnut Creek District Park North Lamar Blvd. between Old Cedar Lane, Walnut Creek and the east and west park fences  
Zilker Park 2100 Barton Springs . soccer field area, between Great Northern Boulevard and Shoal Creek Blvd   

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        Austin City Connection - 
       The Official Web site of the City of Austin Parks Dept. 

Austin Texas City of Austin Parks Department
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 City of Austin Dog Park

A fenced park for the canine members of your family. Although it is technically known as "The Norwood Estate," most patrons refer to it simply as "he Dog Park."The park is entirely encircled by chain link fence, so you don't have to worry about your dog venturing out into the street. Also, it is City property so admission is free- you have already paid for the park through your high property taxes (or apartment rent)!

The park is located at the corner of Riverside and I-35 Southbound Frontage road. The best place to park, however, is a block west along Edgecliff Terrace. Watch out for walkers, joggers and cyclists crossing as you pull off Riverside.

The area is "neutral territory" as far as the dogs are concerned; so most dogs generally do not behave aggressively. Most people bring dogs that they know are well socialized, so fights between dogs are fairly rare. The City of Austin asks that your dog be trained to be "under voice control" in order to use the park.

There is a regular group of people who bring their dogs on Saturday and Sunday mornings. They are very friendly - dogs and owners alike.

Pet Friendly Austin Texas apartment locator will find you an apartment, condo or townhouse rental that will accept your pets - large dog or dogs, aggressive breeds 
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Pet Friendly Austin Texas apartments
Pet Friendly Austin Texas apartment locator will find you an apartment, condo or townhouse rental that will accept your pets - large dog or dogs, aggressive breeds (Pit Bull, German Shepard, Doberman Rottweiller,  cats, etc.

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