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A. Can you send me a list of apartments in Austin? 

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a true updated list of available Austin apartment rentals.  There are 1000's of apartments, rental management and private owners in town, without an MLS type system. Which is why we exist - because it IS an overwhelming task to do it yourself.  Therefore  we have no correlated list available that we can send you. You can always check our website for an updated selection (but it only lists a small percentage of what available apartments in Austin we have) .  Anyone who says they have a list of apartments  actually has a limited database of the units - the ones that will work with them on a smaller commission when they "send" you to apartments on that list, without checking availability - MOST OF WHICH DO NOT HAVE AVAILABILITY OF UNITS MEETING YOUR CRITERIA. 

The main reason a list wouldn't help you is that it doesn't show what is available!  Availability of units for a particular price, area, etc. literally change daily. Our job is to do the legwork for you, and find the best ones available using your criteria so you can pick from the top ones. Otherwise, you might as well use the yellow pages as a "list". We are full service professional  real estate agents, like Realtors

Q. How else can you help me?

  We can advise you on all aspects of your search, and find  those "hard to find" properties that have: 

  •            Unique Floorplans - roommate plans, extra closet space, 
  •             New Luxury properties, gated, energy efficient fitness areas, wi-fi
  •             Specific amenities -  dog parks, townhome style,  condo specs,  garages, Gas cooking,
  •             Unique Units or exteriors - lofts, townhouses,  & even yards
  •             Big dog (or multiple dog) pet friendly communities including breed specific policies
  •             Move-in Specials - $99 move-in , one half,  1 month,  even 2 months Free
  •             Bus lines, estimated commuting times, maps 
  •             Pre-leases and waiting list          
  •             ASAP move-ins
  •             Short Term leases (and the ones with the smallest upcharges)         
  •             Special issues - damaged credit, broken leases, foreclosures

Q. Why are there no addresses listed in your ads? 

A.  In order to receive credit for leasing the property, we have to show you the property. In order to give you the most choices, we work all open listings, not just ours.(we work with well over 95% of the complexes in town) In some cases, we can meet you at the property to make it easy on you. Or in some situations (like a long distance, sight unseen rental) , register you ahead of time, so we would not have to be there, but we have to arrange this before you look at the property.

Duplexes and condos for rent in Austin

Our Mission

“We are dedicated to delivering exemplary service while providing our customers with essential information and resources to make informed relocation decisions in choosing a quality apartment environment.”

Our mission is to be your full-service, one-stop source for finding the best rental at tremendous savings and making your next move simple and hassle-free. Our goal is to save you time, money, and frustration while providing the best possible service from HomePlace specialists.

Current News Articles

Texas' explosive population growth results in 157 new Austinites each day

Population is booming in the Lone Star State: According to the most recent numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, Texas has added more new residents than any other state in the country.

Released Thursday, the Census Bureau's population estimates paint a picture of nationwide growth from July 1, 2014 through July 1, 2015. Texas gained a whopping 490,000 new residents in that time. Together, the Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas-Fort Worth metro areas were responsible for more than 412,000 of those new Texans.

With a 3 percent population increase, Austin-Round Rock was the fastest-growing metro area in the state, the seventh fastest in the nation. The area added 57,395 new residents — that's about 157 people per day. The area's population is currently estimated at over 2 million, but the Austin region could reach 3 million people in just four short years. This massive influx of Central Texans adds to the speculation that the I-35 corridor could mimic the collision of our neighbors in North Texas.

Falling just behind Houston is Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, which added 144,704 residents. A total population of 7.1 million means Dallas-Fort Worth remains the most populous metro in Texas and the fourth largest in the U.S

Downtown Austin apartment rents rise, vacancy up and a flood of units is on the way

  • Expect the depth and stability of the luxury downtown apartment market to be tested in the next few months.
  • The latest apartment survey published by Austin Investors Interests LLC indicates vacancies are growing substantially in that particular market segment. New deliveries have pushed occupancy to 82 percent in the urban core, compared to 90 percent last quarter.
  • In the past 12 months about 2,341 luxury units have delivered in a four-mile radius of downtown and more than double that are under construction in the same area.
  • "How will the impact of another 5,800 units affect this downtown area?" 
  • Average price per square foot of new build in the urban core is anywhere from $1.73 per square foot to $3.16 per square foot.
  • Investors in older product are taking advantage of demand by creating more appealing, renovated units.
  • "Over a third of the market has or is upgrading to at least faux wood floors, two-inch blinds, brushed nickel hardware, new appliances, ceiling fans, granite counters, paint, hardware and lights. The expense seems to be paying off," the report states.
  • The next several months will be very telling about developers' decisions to flood the market with expensive units.
  •  Average rent across Austin market is $1.31 per square foot, about 6 percent more than a year ago.
  •  The highest rents are in the Central Business District where the average across all product types is $2.52 per square foot, an increase of 2.2 percent from a year ago.
  •  The overall occupancy rate for apartment communities that are stabilized (usually open for more than a year) is 93.6 percent.
  •  Concessions, such as free rent for several weeks, are returning to the market, mostly among new apartment communities downtown.
  •   About 2,615 new apartment units delivered across the market in 2Q 2015. About 12,080 units are scheduled to deliver in the next year.

Austin Texas Apartment Market Report

4th Quarter Austin Apartment Trends

    Effective Rent $1,115
    Occupancy 91.7%
    Annual Job Change 28,600 jobs
    Annual Permits 9,484 units
    Annual Demand 8,868 units
    Annual Completions 12,115 units
    Annual number of New Residents 57,395 

4th Quarter Austin Performance Highlights

  • The Austin metro has been a national leader for economic growth for more than two years. 
  • Broad-based economic gains combined with the metro’s already favorable demographics have fueled demand for housing, which has generated strong revenue growth for the apartment sector, strengthened fundamentals and led to elevated levels of apartment development. 
  • Occupancy has hovered around the 95% mark for over three years. 
  • With tight occupancy, apartment operators have pushed rents, but rent growth levels dipped a bit in 2014 in response to a growing amount of completions and notable construction pipeline. 
  • Effective rents increased 5.0% in 2015, 3.6% in 2014 – which was meaningfully lower than the 4.8% hike in 2013. 
  • Driving the recent slowdown was softness in the top-end of the market. 
  • For example, Class A product saw a mere 1.9% rent increase during 2014, compared to a 4.8% gain recorded in Class B assets during the same time.
  •  At this point in the cycle, a continued point of strength remains in the middle market. 
  • However, the question remains whether the overall market can hold up against growing supply volumes.

What changed this quarter?
  •  Quarterly apartment demand in Austin showed seasonal weakness during 2014’s 4th quarter, as 802 units were absorbed. 
  • Meanwhile, new supply easily outpaced net demand, which led to a 1.1-point decline in the overall occupancy rate. 
  • In response, operators cut effective rents 0.4% quarter-over-quarter, the first quarterly decline since 4th quarter 2012.


TX - Austin

                                OVERALL MARKET                                                             

OCCUPANCY               % CHANGE             EFFECTIVE RENT                %CHG     
Mar 13      Mar 14                                          Mar-13    Mar-14    
94.3%      91.8%           -2.7%                      $953     $1,031                   8.2%      

Sept 13    Sept 14                                         Sept 13  Sept 14                  
94.4%     93.5%             -0.9%                   $1,009     $1,084                 7.4%    

Apr 15   Apr 16                              Apr 15   Apr 16
90.7%      91.7%               1.1%                    $1,104     $1,173                 6.2%       


Historical Data on Renting in Central Texas 
Note: Current rents recently surpassed the previous highest rents in Austin (in June 2000)

Quoted Rents are for 2-bedroom, 2-bath units. Occupancy rates are for all apartments. 

Date                   Average rent           Occupancy rate 
June 2000              $913                           98% 
June 2001               $951                          93% 
June 2002               $868                          90% 
June 2003               $812                          88% 
June 2004               $784                          89% 
June 2005               $811                          93% 
June 2006               $861                          95% 
June 2007               $900                          93%
June 2008               $905                          92%
 Feb  2009                $870                          88%
March 2009            $824                           87%
March 2010            $850                           91%
August 2010           $874                          94%
May 2011                 $890                          95%
December 2011     $898                          95%
June 2012             *$953                          95.6%   *finally surpassing the average rent in June 2000 (12 years prior)
November 2013    $1007                        96.0%
March 2014            $1031                       91.8%      Average rent up 7.4% from previous year
February 2015       $1087                        94.6%
December 2015    $1115                        94.3%
April 2016               $1173                        94.7%      Average rent up 6.2 % from previous year
January 2017       $1325                     93.8%  *Occupancy down for the first time in years
*per MPF Research
Read details of January 2017 article

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Wave of apartment development on the way

Austin's sizzling apartment market is prompting developers to race to the starting gate with new projects. The development plans come as apartment rents have hit record highs and the occupancy rate has jumped to 96%. 
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Absolutely Amazing
Jim Gattis was absolutely amazing when I was looking for a place to live in Austin! First of all, I am extremely picky and wanted to choose the perfect place that I could live in for years to come. He found that perfect place for me! He never rushed me to pick a place I was not happy with, nor did he try to "sell" me on any apartments...I can't thank you enough Jim! I highly recommend this service to anyone and everyone looking for the perfect next home! 

Katherine Koeffler
I was nervous about finding my son an apartment in a good area since he's not sure where he'll be working and we live 4 hours away. I called Laurie Glaze and she was magnificent! She worked with us and stayed with my son all day without stopping! She was helpful, knowledgeable and really put my mind at ease. And it looks like we found him a great place to call home! Thank you.

Grrreat Service! VERY Pleased!
I had been to other apartment locators in the past, which is why I was so nicely suprised by the service  here, I walked in without an appointment and was helped right away! I located them on google maps but when I found the place it said Apartment Search above the building, I went in and they found me a great deal on an apartment there at Apartments here! I would reccomend then to anyone!
MC & Dawn McRight

Absolutely the best locators! 
 By Jonah 
Wow, I had no idea that they were a free service....I stopped in because I was curious, I had been looking on my own, I left with a much better deal in a better location, I highly recommend Home Place!

 I highly recommend using their services. A+
Dec, 2015 - Yelp
Have never visited Austin, TX and just recently accepted a job here. My agent was Jim Gattis and was extremely helpful and efficient. Was very personal and determined to find me an apt that fitted my lifestyle. I highly recommend using their services. A+
Maurizio L
Thanks Taylor
Taylor Caranfa is great. Customer service is #1 she is Relentless at finding us the most convenient apartment for the morning commute.  It takes 10 minutes to get to work and its a beautiful thing. Taylor continued to call ahead and set up appointments for places that fit our requirements.  It was a pleasure working with a knowledgeable customer oriented friendly locator. Thanks Taylor

Where do I even begin? I am blown away by the help and service of Holly. With having to make a move from California to Austin, I felt overwhelmed. Holly stepped in and eased my worries. She went over and beyond to provide me with exceptional service. After flying out to meet with her, she found me the absolute perfect home for us that very day. It wasn't easy, either, since we had a lot of requests! I am forever thankful to Holly for all her help. Please make sure you save yourself the stress and reach out to her. She will find just the right place for you!
Alyssa S.

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  • Most sites are automated sites with either individual apartment complexes sprinkled around town or a very limited number managed by just one management company.
  • It is virtually impossible for you to sift through 300-500 apartment complexes, emailing & calling to find real time prices, availability and ones whose policies match your particular circumstances.
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For Austin apartment renters, finally some relief on prices 

For the past few years, apartment dwellers in the Austin area have been hoping for some rent relief.
It seems to have arrived at last.
Slower job growth in Central Texas (read: lower demand), coupled with thousands of new apartments coming to market (read: increased supply), have caused apartment rents to plateau, according to experts and new reports.
In addition, the occupancy rate has slipped, dipping to 93.8 percent in December from 94.5 percent the prior December, according to Capitol Market Research, an Austin consulting firm that tracks the Central Texas apartment market.
“You can see renters gaining more leeway since some new apartment buildings in Austin are offering concessions for the first time (in years), things like a month of free rent or discounted security deposits,” said Crystal Chen, a data analyst with apartment rental website Zumper.

Last year ended with rents in the Austin market overall averaging $1,224 a month, up 2.8 percent from December 2015. From December 2014 to December 2015, however, the increase had been much higher, with rents soaring 7.5 percent, per Capitol Market Research.


“Throughout the market, particularly in areas with a lot of new deliveries, we’re beginning to see concessions,” said Charles Heimsath, president of Capitol Market Research. “Because of the concessions, rental rates have stabilized, which is good news for tenants.”
On a per square foot basis, rents averaged $1.39 a foot in December, the same as in June 2016, “so the rate of increase in rents has stopped,” Heimsath said.

Last year, developers brought 10,780 apartment units to market, the highest amount since 1991, when Heimsath started tracking the numbers. He said 8,770 units were leased, a net number and the second-highest level after 2015. However, the 2,100 additional units that came online last year over 2015 pushed down the occupancy rate to its current level of just under 94 percent, he said.

“Rents have stabilized, and I expect that rents will remain stable through 2017,” Heimsath said. “And because we’re growing jobs at a slower rate, it’s reasonable to assume that our occupancy is likely to drop a little bit more, because we will continue to deliver new units.”

Rents softening 
Since Zumper started tracking rents in 100 U.S. cities last July, it said Austin has dropped from the 24th most expensive rental market to the 28th most expensive rental market currently.
In a separate report, AppFolio, a property management software company, ranked Austin among the five most affordable U.S. cities in which to rent, based on the percentage of monthly income spent on housing.
In Austin, renters on average spend 23 percent of their monthly income on housing, the survey found.
New York and Miami, whose residents pay more than half of their monthly income on housing, are the most rent burdened, AppFolio said.

AppFolio is forecasting rent costs will increase about 2 percent in the Austin metro for 2017, said Nat Kunes, vice president of product management at AppFolio. “That’s still healthy growth,” Kunes said. “It’s not like rents are dropping. They just aren’t growing as fast as they have been the last few years.”
Greg Willett, chief economist for RealPage, a rental housing technology and analytics firm based in Richardson, said Austin’s apartment market “lost considerable momentum” during the last half of 2016 as the area’s job growth cooled.

Though rents softened in Austin over the past year as supply caught up to demand, construction will slow after this year, said David Ott Jr., development partner with The Hanover Company. The Houston-based developer recently opened the first units at Hanover Lantana Hills, a 300-unit complex in Southwest Austin that is due to be completed this spring.

“After another big year of supply expected in 2017 — 7,000-plus units — apartment deliveries will taper off due to a lack of available re-development properties, construction costs at all-time highs, and construction loans becoming difficult to obtain,” Ott said.

‘Suburban uprising’ 
After seeing more than 5,000 apartment units added in downtown Austin since 2012, apartment construction has slowed in the central business district and developers are betting on the suburbs, said CoStarGroup, a commercial real estate information company based in Washington, D.C. In Austin’s suburbs, 10,506 apartment units are under construction compared with 620 units underway downtown, CoStar said.
“The necessary income required for an apartment in downtown Austin is around $160,000, yet the median income for the market hovers around $40,000 – a large disparity, even with roommates,” CoStar said.
“Only so many people have the income to afford (downtown rents),” said Sam Tenenbaum, a market economist with CoStar.

Meanwhile, “the demand for new housing is strong in the suburbs, where developers aim for renters much closer to the market’s median income,” CoStar said. “Occupancy rates are already as high as 95.7 percent in San Marcos, and 93.8 percent in North and Northwest Austin.”
Most of the job growth is outside of downtown, Tenenbaum said, and mixed-use projects like the Domain in North Austin have brought the urban lifestyle to suburbia.

At the Mueller neighborhood in Northeast Austin, job growth is a catalyst for a surge of new development at the mixed-use project.
“Mueller is extremely busy these days with office, retail and residential activity, including three (apartment) communities all under construction… totaling nearly 760 units,” said Greg Weaver, executive vice president of Catellus Development Corp., the master developer of Mueller. “The demand for multifamily is exceptionally strong.”


Louie S.
Dec 23, 2017
When I reached to them I was instantly assured by Monika Sargologos. She was very helpful and friendly. After a brief phone call about what I was looking for she had a place for us within a day or so!! Her first option was the one we chose. It was exactly what I had asked for and for the price I was looking for. I highly recommend them and specially Monika!

Super Helpful
Amy Vercruysse
Feb 5, 2019
Monika Sargologos was super helpful. I knew what I wanted and she knew exactly what properties to show me, so we didn't waste time and we found just what I was looking for. Thanks, Monika!

​Thank you Jessenia!

Robin Morris
 33 weeks ago
I was so pleased with Jessenia Del Callejo with my search for a place to live in Austin. I am moving from Arizona and from the "get-go", after I was searching online for places, she called and I was able to let her know my preferences to narrow the search and she immediately sent me a list to look over, which I was very grateful for. I visited Austin for a week to vacation a little and look for a place and Jessenia was so flexible with my schedule. She did a great job narrowing down the properties with availability for the time I am planning to move and that saved a lit of time. After only 2 days of looking at about 7 properties, I narrowed it down to 2 and then made my choice after returning to my first choice for a final look. One day after I returned to Az, I received approval to lease the property I wanted. Without Jessenia showing me around, being flexible, and providing her expertise, I am confident I would still not know where I was going to live when I move in to Austin in 5 weeks. Thank you Jessenia!

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