Some online apartment "locating" sites would like to take advantage of  apartment hunters with the lure of a small rebate. Their sites have completely automated "searchable" databases that look great on the surface, but have a very limited number of local apartment communities that work with them, therefore limited choices for you. 

Furthermore, normally when you search, these sites literally give you just a few  random selections, many times properties totally unrelated in style, area, and amenities, etc. They want you to think these are a carefully selected group of apartments meeting your exact needs, when in fact, it is just a sampling of some of the small number of properties that work with them. There is absolutely no availability check or any guarantee that they even fall in your price range with the ever changing specials.

Also, be wary of any site that promises a "free move ". Navigate through the site to get to the fine print. You'll find that the "free" part only covers some basic furniture. Once you add in their charges for moving the washer/dryer and other furniture and boxes , the price to you could add up to nearly the price of what a traditional mover would charge you. **See chart below.

Because of the wide variance among apartments' starting rates and varying specials, it's almost impossible to determine and compare the actual "net" rents (after prorating their specials) for properties in your search using online databases.You would literally have to do all your own research, calling and driving around, checking prices, specials, availability, pet policies, etc., etc. Even then, by the time you finish, the prices and/or availability at the one you decided on will probably have changed, not to mention the "look and lease" specials you will have lost by not applying in a timely manner after your first viewing.

Most importantly, we are licensed, bonded real estate agents with working relationships with all the apartment communities. We keep up on the UNADVERTISED SPECIALS to guarantee we will find you the best deals on your exact specifications, combined with professional advise and personalized service.

All in all, our free service can save you lots of time and
hundreds of dollars in rents and specials, far beyond the value of any small rebate from a "do-it-yourself" online web site.

Example : We could save you $50/month (or more) in rent by finding you the best deals. ( Not counting other hidden discounts like  the "Look & Lease" specials and other specials you have to know to ask for.)
Savings over 12 months = $50/mo. x 12 = $600 in Total Savings
vs. a $50-$100 rebate from an online site .
( When and if you receive their rebate "4 to 8 weeks" after you move in.
Be sure to read the fine print. )

Don't be "nickel conscious" and "dollar foolish". Allow us to use our professional expertise to help you find the "perfect" apartment for you, at the best price, with
the least amount of work & hassle on your part .

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Information about online rebate offers
"Free" Move extra charges

Typical Items                                          MFF
Washer & Dryer      $12.00
2 Extra lamps          $10.00
2 Speaker stands          $8.00
Extra table                                              $4.00
Recliner     $4.00
Extra Couch     $9.00
Bike     $3.00
25 boxes (only 10-20 are free)  $50.00
Mirror         $4.00
BBQ pit     $6.00
3 extra chairs          $9.00
10 pictures     $10.00
Extra TV     $4.00
Vacuum cleaner     $1.00
Glass top   $2.00
          TOTAL                                       $149.00

vs. a typical mover charge of $75/hr with a
2 hour minimum. Most 1 & 2 bedroom moves cost in the $150-$225 range. Therefore, your "free" move may only save                              you $0 - $50.
Other restrictions of some
"free" move companies :

will not move any house plants under any circumstances.
will not accept responsibility for any furniture made with particleboard.

will not begin a move until all items are removed from dressers, chest of drawers , entertainment centers, wine racks, or any other piece of furniture containing items which may be removed.

will not begin a move until beds are completely disassembled, headboard and footboard included. (unless prior arrangements have been made  to handle disassembly/reassembly)

will not begin a move until all boxes are taped and sealed.

will not begin a move until washer and dryer are disconnected . and
will not move these items unless prior arrangements have been made to disconnect and/or reconnect these items.

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Information regarding  rebates on apartment leases in Austin Texas from online apartment locators including searchable databases, availability, prices, amenities, Austin TX apartment search, rebate offers, and  cash back
Information regarding  rebates on apartment leases in Austin Texas from online apartment locators including searchable databases, availability, prices, amenities, Austin TX apartment search, rebate offers, cash back