Moving to Austin,  ausitn apartment for rent
Moving to Austin,  ausitn apartment for rentMoving to Austin,  ausitn apartment for rentMoving to Austin,  ausitn apartment for rent
Moving to Austin,  ausitn apartment for rent
Do you need to prelease an apartment in Austin to be ready when you get here?

We are experienced in helping people do just that. We can advise you on the local apartment communities, neighborhoods, commute times, and even show you photos, floor plans, and 360 degree views.  This way you can feel comfortable with your decision and secure in your move  without an expensive house hunting trip.

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HomePlace Apartment Search specializes in finding you one of the best apartments for rent  in Austin. Serving  Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander & Pflugerville,  Our free Austin apartment locator service will find your ideal home by price, size, floor plan and special amenities. As  Austin apartment locators we can accommodate special requests like pet friendly Austin rentals.and cheap apartments Search for Best Prices, ASAP Move Ins, $0 and $99 move in Specials, New Luxury Properties , special amenities, Short-Term Leases, furnished aptsig Dog Friendly, cheap appartments and Pre-Leases on an apartment in Austin Texas.

Q. Why are there no addresses listed in your ads?

A.  In order to receive credit for leasing the property, we have to show you the property. In order to give you the most choices, we work all open listings, not just ours.(we work with well over 95% of the complexes in town) In some cases, we can meet you at the property to make it easy on you. Or in some situations (like a long distance, sight unseen rental) , register you ahead of time, so we would not have to be there, but we have to arrange this before you look at the property.

A. Can you send me a list of apartments in Austin?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a true updated list of available Austin apartment rentals.  There are hundreds of rental management and private owners in town, without an MLS type system. Which is why we exist - because it is .a overwhelming task to do it yourself.  Therefore  we have no correlated list available that we can send you. You can always check our website for an updated selection (but it only lists a small percentage of what available apartments in Austin  we have) .  Anyone who says they have a list of apartments  actually has a limited database of the units - the ones that will work with them on a smaller commission when they "send" you to apartments on that list, without checking availability - MOST OF WHICH DO NOT HAVE AVAILABILITY OF UNITS MEETING YOUR CRITERIA.

The main reason a list wouldn't help you is that it doesn't show what is availableAvailability of units for a particular price, area, etc. literally change daily. Our job is to do the legwork for you, and find the best ones available using your criteria so you can pick from the top ones. Otherwise, you might as well use the yellow pages as a "list". We are full service professional  real estate agents, like Realtors

Q. How else can you help me?

  We can advise you on all aspects of your search, and find  those "hard to find" properties that have:
  •           Unique Floorplans - roommate plans, extra closet space,
  •            New Luxury properties, gated, energy efficient
  •            Big dog pet friendly communities including breed specific policies
  •             Move-in Specials - $0 move-in , 1,2 even 3 months Free
  •            Pre-leases and waiting lists
  •           Separate dining rooms
  •            Specific amenities - Gas cooking, dog parks, townhome style,  condo specs,  garages
  •            Unique Units or exteriors - lofts, townhouses, yards, duplexes       
  •            ASAP move-ins
  •            Short Term leases (and the ones with the smallest upcharges)
  •            Bus lines, estimated commuting times, maps
  •            Special issues - damaged credit

Our Mission

“We are dedicated to delivering exemplary service while providing our customers with essential information and resources to make informed relocation decisions in choosing a quality apartment environment.”

Our mission is to be your full-service, one-stop source for finding the best rental at tremendous savings and making your next move simple and hassle-free. Our goal is to save you time, money, and frustration while providing the best possible service from HomePlace specialists.

Current News Articles

ALN - First Quarter, 2014 Austin Occupancy rates, rents, trends
April, 2014

Some of the hotter markets like Austin and Dallas-Ft. Worth in 2013 experienced a chill at the end of the year.

Austin has been a red hot market the last few years, so a cooling off was due. In the first 9 months of 2013 Austin absorbed 5000 units. However in the 4th quarter of 2013 Austin had a net absorption of -100 units and also added a net 600 units to the market, dropping overall occupancy in the market to 92.8% by the end of 2014. The 1st quarter of 2014 saw another 1200 units added to the market and a net loss of 400 rented units, bringing overall occupancy down another percentage point to 91.8% by the end of the quarter. Effective rents however, continue to rise. Effective rents rose 1.5% in the quarter to $1031 per unit, which is a sizable increase of 8.2% from a year earlier

TX - Austin

              OVERALL MARKET                                                              STABILIZED PROPERTIES

Mar-13   Mar-14    bps   %CHG    Mar-13    Mar-14                   Mar-13   Mar-14    bps   %CHG     Mar-13    Mar-14
94.3%    91.8%   -250     -2.7%      $953     $1,031      8.2%      94.9%  94.9%       0       0.0%         $945      $1,001        5.9%

Higher rents leading to changing demographics on East Riverside
December 2013

  • With occupancy rates citywide hovering near 96 percent and rents rising — the average Austin-area apartment monthly rent is now more than $1,000 — developers are renovating and tearing down old apartments and replacing them with new, more expensive units.
  • The changes on East Riverside are part of a city plan to remake the corridor as a walkable, tree-lined boulevard with ground-floor shops and restaurants below apartments and condominiums
  • Nowhere is this transformation more striking than in the triangle bounded by East Riverside Drive, Lakeshore Drive and South Pleasant Valley Road

East Riverside rental property comparisons, 2006 to 2013

  • However, affordable housing advocates and community leaders say the city’s plans failed to take into account the fact that many of the people living in the area can’t afford to pay the higher rents that come with the new or renovated properties.
  • At the end of 2006, rents at twenty two apartment buildings considered affordable along the East Riverside corridor ranged from $496 and $871. In 2013, rents at those apartments range from $568 and $1,550, and census figures have shown an exodus of minorities from the area.


Austin Texas Apartment Market Report

Austin-area apartment market continues to boom
November, 2013

The local market, among the hottest in the nation in the past three years, shows no sign of slowing down, as 18,600 units were under construction at the close of the third quarter. The growth rate is the 2nd fastest in the country behind only Raleigh - Durham NC. Central Texas apartments were on average 96% full with rents averaging about $1,000/month, up 6.5% over last year.

About 5,000 units were added last year. More than 12,000 units are expected to be completed in the next 12 months, a 140% increase over the previous 12 months. The pace of growth is unprecedented and the next 12 months are expected to see another 10,600 units break ground based on developer expectations.

Local experts and apartment developers say the Central Texas area is poised to absorb all the new units based on the region's population and job growth continues. The new developments are being absorbed quite well overall but the new planned units should slow rent growth and occupancy rates over the next year.

Experts predict occupancies will slide a bit in 2014 and the pace of rent growth will slow as the wave of new units open in 2014.

Apartments are 'In' in Austin

With occupancy rates hitting 96% or more and rental rates also hitting record highs, developers are looking to get on the Austin apartment bandwagon. Average rents are now at $1007 per month.

Fortunately, several complexes are either planned or under construction, which may help alleviate some of the pent-up demand

        Units     Apartment name

  • • 201       Wildflower Terrace
  • • 302        University Park
  • • 301        Mueller Phase II
  • • 150        M Station
  • • 230        Lakeshore Apartments
  • • 215        The District at SoCo
  • • 210        Gables Park Plaza II
  • • 334        HPI Residential-Davis Springs
  • • 325        HPI Residential-Lakeline
  • • 262        Corazon
  • • 300        RiverView
  • • 1,200     South Shore District
  • • 318        Lamar and Manchaca apartments
  • • 298        Post South Lamar
  • • 244       Camden Amber Oaks, second phase
  • • 296       Colonial Grand at Double Creek

All of the complexes are either under construction or planned.



There's been no shortage of new projects in downtown Austin lately, and Endeavor Real Estate Group has released details about another..
  • The local firm said it has lined up the equity and is partnering with Lynd Co. to develop a 36-story tower near West Fifth and Bowie Streets.
  • Plans for the building, dubbed 3 eleven Bowie, call for 358 apartment units, as well as 42,000 sf of office and 3,000 sf of retail space.
  • The developers plan to break ground in September. The first of the apartments are slated to be completed by 3rd quarter 2014.


           % of Mkt     Avg SqFt          Ave Eff.Rent/Mo   
Eff        2.5%            425                     $693
1 BR    46.3%           686                     $803
1 DEN   3.4%             885                     $948
2 BR     37.0%          1,005                  $1,123
2 DEN   1.4%            1,132                  $1,214
3 BR    7.1%            1,239                  $1,350
>3 BR   2.3%           1,342                  $1,660

Projects will add 780 apartments along East Riverside corridor

Two apartment projects announced a few years ago along E. Riverside Drive are ready to move forward as the local multi-family market heats up. With a 3rd project under way, the plans will add and additional 780 residential living units
Construction is planned for later this year on the street and utility infrastructure for the western 26 acres in what is known as the Lakeshore planned unit development, or PUD . A month or two later,Cypress Real Estate Advisors will break ground on the 1st component, a $30 million apartment project with 230 luxury units along South Lakeshore Boulevard, east of Riverside Dr.
Read complete article>>>>

Historical Data on Renting in Central Texas
* Note: Current rents recently surpassed the previous highest rents in Austin (in June 2000)

Quoted Rents are for 2-bedroom, 2-bath units. Occupancy rates are for all apartments.

Date                   Average rent           Occupancy rate
June 2000              $913                          98%
June 2001               $951                          93%
June 2002               $868                          90%
June 2003               $812                          88%
June 2004               $784                          89%
June 2005               $811                          93%
June 2006               $861                          95%
June 2007               $900                          93%
June 2008               $905                          92%
Feb  2009                $870                          88%
March 2009            $824                           87%
March 2010            $850                           91%
August 2010           $874                          94%
May 2011                 $890                          95%
December 2011     $898                          95%
June 2012               $953                         *95.6%
November 2013     $1007                        96.0%
March 2014           $1031                        91.8%
*per MPF Research

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Wave of apartment development on the way

Austin's sizzling apartment market is prompting developers to race to the starting gate with new projects. The development plans come as apartment rents have hit record highs and the occupancy rate has jumped to 96%.
View Map of new apartments in Austin>>>>>>

Proposed Construction / Greater Austin -2013
Name    * = Affordable Housing Units Area
            ** = Senior Housing
--------------------------------- ----- ----------------------
  • Robertson Hill II/Lane-SW 282 Downtown /UT/ Riverside
  • Gables Republic Park 221 Downtown /UT/ Riverside
  • Riverside Square Redev/CWS 300 Downtown n/UT/Riverside
  • Greystar Magnolia 245 Downtown n/UT/Riverside
  • Post 1500 S Lamar/Post 298 Downtown /UT/Riverside
  • The Milan 100 Downtown /UT/Riverside
  • 5400 N Lamar/Camden 290 Downtown /UT/Riverside
  • District SoCo/Kaplan 215 Downtown /UT/Riverside
  • 21st at Pearl/Lee Prop 121 Downtown /UT/Riverside

Northeast & Southeast:
  • Mueller Airport Site II/Simmons Vedder 300 Northeast
  • South Shore District I & II/Grayco 1175 Southeast/Riverside Dr

North & Northwest:
  • Riverhorse Ranch II/Belco 278 Pflugerville/RR/Gtown
  • Mansions at Round Rock II/Chaucer 237 Pflugerville/RR/Georgetown
  • Criterion at Harris Ridge 400 Pflugerville/RR/Gtown
  • Crestview Station II/High Street Res 600 North
  • Greystar Stone Hill 300 Pflugerville/RR/Gtown
  • Two Rivers/Larry Peel 163 Pflugerville/RR/Gtown
  • Archstone Hogfarm 500 Cedar Park / Leander
  • RIATA IX/Legacy 306 cedar Cedar Park / Leander
  • Little Elm/GenCap 372 Cedar Park / Leander/ Jollyvlille
  • Crossings La Frontera/Simmons Vedder 357 Cdr Park/Leander/Jollyville
  • Crossings Lakeline/Simmons Vedder 400 Cedar Park/Leander/Jollyville
  • Camden Amber Oaks II/Camden 250 Cedar Park/Leander/Jollyville
  • Park North/GenCap 600 Cedar Park/Leander/Jollyville
  • Fairfield at Ribelin Ranch 298 Cedar Park/Leander/Jollyville
  • Crystal Falls/GenCap 488 Cedar Park/Leander/Jollyville

South & West:
  • Stonecreek Canyon/Moody National 184 South/Hwy 71/I-35
  • Alexan Legacy Oaks/Trammell Crow 372 South/Hwy 71/I-35
  • Verde LaDera 300 South/Hwy 71/I-35
  • Vantage at Plum Creek* (Kyle) 264 South/Hwy 71/I-35
  • Colonial Village at Cityway 376 South/Hwy 71/I-35
Total (31 properties) 10,588


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great service.
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great place, signed up on their web site and with in hours, I received a call from their office. gave them what we were looking for and our price range. they did all the leg work and found us a great deal with a move in special. I used a few other apartment locators here in Austin, and home place was the only one who seemed like they wanted to help. I will defiantly use them for my next move.

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